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Our organization is dedicated to raising awareness about gastric cancer, advancing funding for research, and providing education and support to families in need. It is estimated that we will see over 20,000 new cases of stomach cancer this year in the US with over 10,000 deaths resulting from the disease. Because of the smaller number of cases relative to other cancers, it receives very little federal funding and few resources devoted to researching a cure. exists for the purpose of making the cure for stomach cancer a reality.

Candace enjoys food.  The selection, preparation and execution of a delicious meal was always a favorite experience.  Often after enjoying a fine meal while traveling on business or on vacation with friends, she would animatedly describe to others that the food was "just stupid good!"  And thus, we felt it an appropriate moniker for our cause and our purpose of fighting gastric cancer -


On June 4th 2014, Candace was diagnosed with Stage 3 stomach cancer.  After what seemed like a rather routine treatment of a stomach ulcer, she received an alarming call.  She was standing alone in the middle of our local grocery store preparing for a dinner party that night with friends. The business professional, mother of two and loving wife was soon to discover that her life will be forever changed.  Her love of the food experience, her curiosity for healthy eating and her joy of being surrounded by friends at the dinner table became the reason for our cause and will surely carry us through this journey.  Sadly, Candace passed away November 28, 2017.  She will be missed but never be forgotten and her legacy will live on with the mission of Stupid Strong.

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